2016: Year of Innovation

The Year In Short

We did our best to make every day count this year. We huddled up and planned new products as a team. We experimented and gained new perspectives on the travel industry.

We listened. We sharpened. We grew.

Join us as we recap this year’s highlights.


By the numbers


reservations / per 2016


bookings / per day

Happy New Year!

This year, OneRooftop’s clients have booked 50,653 reservations. That means listing site independents like you are booking directly through your website about 138 times per day.


OneRooftop Gets Hunted

Product Hunt first caught wind of OneRooftop

From Lake Tahoe Summers to Austin’s SXSW

This February OneRooftop got picked up by Product Hunt, an invite-only website the curates the best tech start-ups from around the world. Getting discovered was the first step to catapulting our new experiment for booking a vacation rental.

And it worked. By closing our first deal within days of going live on Product Hunt, OneRooftop proved the demand for a new way to travel was there. From a week in North Lake Tahoe to a homestay during Austin’s SXSW to a wedding down in Costa Rica, our travel agents sourced the very best properties for travelers wherever they needed to go.

The best part? By helping travelers, we continued our mission to empower vacation rental owners and managers.


Developers who think like Travelers.





Mountains or Beach?

OneRooftop is a vacation rental software company. And believe us — we love the technology. But each day we try to fix problems so that our software helps people travel and manage their hospitality business. When our team was asked what kind of vacation they would prefer to take, 71% said they preferred a trip taking them to the beach. The other 29% said when it comes to travel, it’s all about the mountains.


No Fooling Us!

OneRooftop integration partner airbnb

Turn on the channel manager!

Airbnb is selective about who they integrate with. This April the home sharing site picked only 10 vacation rental software companies in the world to integrate with. Not only does this integration connect more hosts with awesome travelers. It also brings more visibility to vacation rentals in the modern travel industry. In the coming year, this improved visibility will be the wind power of your business.

Boost Your Mobile Presence

When Google announced it was going to prioritize responsive designs in search, OneRooftop doubled down to convert its themes to be responsive. In the process, we also released Ithica, Martin, Citrus, Bolt, Afuera, Northwest, and more.


May Flowers

Engaging With Managers

OneRooftop took a field trip up to Lake Tahoe to learn from the best. To step up our own content, we produced several videos interviewing travel specialists, and property managers making bold moves in a competitive vacation destination.


It Was the Summer of User Experience


Putting Technology into Your Hands

This summer, we took advantage of the long days in June to do two things for user experience. First, our developers took the powerful booking engine we’d built and redesigned a fully mobile-friendly update that we’d spend the next 6 months implementing. But even further, we wanted to push the limits of the booking experience to see what travelers wanted. Just in time for the summer solstice, OneRooftop’s travel agent chatbot got featured Skift Magazine, who named us as a travel tech company to watch.


Independence Day

“In one day we received 1540 text messages.”

And a Big Month for Listing Site Independents

Small businesses need to think big. Innovation starts here and is much more attractive to savvy travelers. The trick to building an independent travel brand is doing everything you can to improve your ranking in the public eye. This July, we proved that hosts didn’t need to depend on listing sites. In one day we received 1540 text messages. Best of all, OneRooftop proudly saved guests time and booked them through professional vacation rental websites, rather than a traditional online listing.


I’d Have a Slice…


Building a Community Newsletter

August marks the beginning of The Slice, a gourmet weekly serving of vacation rental news and marketing tips that work. In addition to sharing industry news, The Slice also spotlights OneRooftop owners and managers who have done an amazing job with running their business.


Do You Remember?

Hong Kong travel
Hong Kong
Taiwan travel
Hawaii travel
San Francisco travel
San Francisco
New Zealand travel
New Zealand
Greece travel

OneRooftop Employees Reflect on Their Favorite Travel Destinations

People travel for all sorts of occasions. Perhaps it’s a family vacation, a honeymoon, or an elaborate cross-country motorcycle trip. Whatever the reason, we carry the memories with us wherever we go. Employees reflect on the best travel destination that comes to mind. Turns out, OneRooftop loves to travel all over the world.


OneRooftop Returns Fully to Software

Redefining the Vacation Rental Space

Have you seen how Pablo Picasso used to paint a room? Draft after draft, you’d see the same room with minor changes. A piece of furniture is turned a slight angle. An element from a previous painting appears. The painter would move around the room and recreate the space with a new careful perspective.

In an industry that constantly redefines itself, you spend a lot of time reflecting on what works—and what works better. Despite getting a lot of press for our text-to-travel service, each move we took we saw a way of revising our primary product, vacation rental software. This October, our team made the very intentional decision to return to making management software for vacation rentals. In that return though, we’re bringing all the experience we gained while trying out new perspectives.


Working With Everyone

Joining hospitality experts from all over the world at the Airbnb Open in Los Angeles

Hello LaLa

Joining hospitality experts from all over the world at the Airbnb Open in Los Angeles, Nick and Matt from the OneRooftop team sat in on many exciting conversations with vacation rental owners and property managers. As we all know, every vacation rental business works a little differently. Through our discussions our team has come up with many new ideas for features to release in the coming year.

OneRooftop launches Spruce - 100% mobile friendly back end

Growing Spruce from Oak

Have you noticed before that OneRooftop has always named its products after trees? (Fun Trivia: they’re also major streets in our hometown of San Francisco.) With Oak, OneRooftop built a powerful booking engine capable of working with nearly any business. But with great power comes…well, a lot of extra time spent learning the software.

When we developed Spruce, our focus was to make the best possible experience for our clients. This meant making tasks and set up more intuitive. It also meant making our software 100% mobile accessible.


OneRooftop Users Make a Difference


New Properties Added


booked through OneRooftop


emails sent

Seriously. Give yourself a pat on the back!

Total amount booked through OneRooftop platform: $24,366,177.79 (+135% since last year!). More vacation rental businesses are empowered to book directly.

Thank you to our loyal clients.

Our goal is to empower you and help grow your business. Stay tuned for some amazing new features in 2017.