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List on Airbnb and manage those bookings in your OneRooftop dashboard and sync your availability + pricing across channels in real time. No extra costs involved, and the set up is seamless. Start your integration by following the steps below.

Have further questions about our direct integration with Airbnb? See FAQs at the bottom of page.

Here are next steps to get started within your OneRooftop admin.

1. In your OneRooftop admin, go to Account > General, you need to Authorize the Airbnb Connection.

2. You will be redirected to a “Welcome to Airbnb” page where you are prompted to create a new account on Airbnb.

Please Note:

If you already have an Airbnb account, you’ll need a new Airbnb account to get started with the OneRooftop integration. Sign up with a separate email so Airbnb can keep your bookings and payments separate. You can contact a regional Airbnb Marketing Manager directly if you have questions.

3. Once your Airbnb connection is authorized, you need to enable the Airbnb channel for each property within OneRooftop. Go to edit Property > Channels > Enable Airbnb.

4. Set up the fees that will be exported to Airbnb. See explanations below for queries.


Guests Included. The number of guests included in your rates before an extra guest fee is added in. If you do not have an extra guest fee, select the highest number of guests your property accommodates.

Extra Guest Fee. A one-time fee that applies to each guest after your specified number of “Guests Included”.

Security Deposit. A one-time fee to help cover potential damages. This deposit can be refunded back to guests after check out if there is no damage done.

Cleaning Fee. A one-time fee to help cover the costs of cleaning a property after a stay.

Rate % Increase. If your property is in a jurisdiction where Airbnb does not use its tax collection and remittance feature, you can increase your rate by a percentage to cover any local taxes you need to collect. Learn more about Airbnb’s tax collection feature.

5. Your property listings will be set to preview. Airbnb reviews listings within 72 hours of submission. If you have questions about your listing submissions or would like to connect with a Regional Market Manager please email vr@airbnb.com.


How do payments and payment schedules work when a guest books on Airbnb?

All payments and guest communication would go through Airbnb and comply with Airbnb’s guidelines. All API-connected partners are instant book, which means all reservation requests are automatically accepted.

What happens in my OneRooftop admin when a guest books on Airbnb?

If there is a new booking on Airbnb, a new booked reservation will appear in your OneRooftop account and your calendar will be blocked off accordingly.

If I already have an Airbnb account, will I lose my reviews?

Airbnb will transfer any review data over from the old account to the new one.

If I already have an Airbnb account, will my old Airbnb reservations be brought over to the new account?

Unfortunately reservation data cannot be transferred between Airbnb accounts, but you can still access your old Airbnb account with your deactivated listings if you need to retrieve information. We recommend continuing to sync your OneRooftop calendar with the deactivated properties.

Can I update my listing information from within Airbnb?

You would update your property listing information within OneRooftop and the information would be exported to Airbnb.

How does the cancellation policy work?

The cancellation policy defaults to Flexible. Read more about Airbnb’s cancellation policies.

How does Instant Book work?

All API-connected partners are Instant Book, which means all reservation requests are automatically accepted.

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