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Managing Airbnb Reservations

Managing Reservation from an online booking: once a booking is made on Airbnb, you will be able to view the Reservation within OneRooftop and your calendar will automatically be updated. The Source will be noted as Airbnb and there will be an External Property ID and External Booking included under Reservation Info.

Managing Guest Communication: if you have scheduled messages (like pre-arrival details) set up within OneRooftop, you will need to queue the messages manually on the reservation. The messages will then be sent to guest on the designated schedule.

Managing Cancellations: you need to cancel any reservations within the Airbnb interface AND mark the reservation as cancelled within OneRooftop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’d like to integrate but I don’t want to enable Instant Book.

A. Instant book is required by Airbnb. If you cannot enable instant book you can try out a centralized calendar sync between OneRooftop and Airbnb using iCal. iCal syncing is not a full integration.

Q. Why don’t I see tax added to reservations?

A.Even if you have tax set up for your property in OneRooftop, this does not get passed on to Airbnb. In many areas, Airbnb collects and remits tax on owners’ behalf. Athough it is charged to the guest, you will not see it as a line item in the reservation’s total. Learn more about how tax collection and remittance by Airbnb works here.

Q. How do I offer a discount?

A. Any changes to pricing should be done prior to confirming bookings and can be done by sending a special offer within the Airbnb platform. Learn more about sending special offers here.

Q. Someone sent me an inquiry via Airbnb. Why isn’t it showing up in OneRooftop?

A. Only booked reservations will appear in your OneRooftop dashboard. Inquiries should be managed directly through Airbnb until they turn into bookings.

Q. My guest needs to change dates. How do I edit the reservation?

A. You will need to make this update to their reservation in Airbnb. This action will automatically update the information in their OneRooftop reservation.

Q. How do I move a guest to a different property?

A. Please initiate this process within Airbnb. You will then need to change the property within the OneRooftop reservation as well because Airbnb does not send this update back to us.

Q. Why aren’t all my fees showing up in reservations?

A. Airbnb supports some types of fees, but not all. With the integration you can include a cleaning fee, security deposit and extra guest fee. Even if you have all of these fees set up in your OneRooftop rates, you will need to do it once more for the Airbnb integration. In your property settings go to Channels > Airbnb Specific Settings to include these fees on your Airbnb listings.

Q. How do I get paid?

A. Airbnb is the merchant of record for integrated accounts, so you will need to set up your payout preferences in your Airbnb dashboard. Learn more about editing your payout method here.

Q. None of my weekly or monthly rates are showing up. Why?

A. Airbnb discounts weeks and months differently than other channels. You can configure your discounts by going to edit property > channels > Airbnb specific settings. Learn more about adding weekly or monthly discounts here.

Q. I got a booking or blocked dates in OneRooftop and it’s not blocking off the calendar.

A. It’s possible that Airbnb has not yet pulled the availability from OneRooftop, which happens on an hourly schedule. If it hasn’t synced yet, do not fear. If a guest were to put in dates and click “Book Now,” Airbnb does a final check on your OneRooftop calendar. This would prevent the guest from booking.