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Including Fees in Booking.com Reservations

Every channel works a little different. Not every channel has the same checkout process, and in some cases the fees you list on one channel are not included in another.

To ensure your connection to Booking.com does exactly what you’re expecting, we’ve built this help guide.


When booking.com creates a reservation in OneRooftop via Myallocator, they pass along only a few pieces of information through their API.

They send:

The nightly rate

The commission you owe

Guest name & disguised email address (for example, stringofcode12345-guest@booking.com)

Guest count

Credit card details (to MyAllocator. Learn more here.)

They do not send:


Fees (including cleaning fees)

Since Booking.com does not send over the fees you added in your Booking.com extranet, you must select those fees in OneRooftop. If you do not, your reservation’s total will be inaccurate.

However, if you select the same fees and taxes that you put in your Booking.com extranet then you can simply run the credit card you received from MyAllocator.

Part 1. Including Fees in Booking.com Reservations

If you need assistance with adding fees, see our help guide for the ins and outs.

After you’ve added your fees for your OneRooftop property, keep the Fee box open:

  • Click Show Advanced Options button
  • Check box beside Booking.com
  • Click Add

Part 2. What fees not to include

Note: you may not need to include every fee in booking.com reservations.

Do not include Extra Guest Fee

If you charge for an extra guest, do not include this fee for booking.com reservations. Booking.com sends over the corrected amount in the nightly rates. Including an extra guest fee could result in overcharging your guest.

Do not include Pet Fees

Booking.com lets travelers search for properties to allow pets, but including a pet fee is not a part of the checkout process. Instead, the check out says “Additional charges may apply”. If you charge extra for pets, you will need to manually add this fee to your reservation. Learn how to add a fee to a reservation.

Do not include optional fees

If you check the box to include a fee in reservations from Booking.com, it will add that fee indiscriminately. In other words, if you have an optional fee in OneRooftop for bike rentals then you should not include that fee in Booking.com reservations.

Part 3. You can also include fees from Channel Settings

If you’ve already set up your fees and are now just setting up your channels, you can include your fees from your property’s channel settings section.

Log in to OneRooftop

Click Properties in lefthand navigation

Edit property settings by clicking green pencil beside property

Go to tab that says Channels

Scroll down to Booking.com and click button that says Booking.com Specific Settings

Choose what fees to include. Refer to Part 2 if you’re unsure which fees to include.

Part 4: Why do I add fees in Booking.com Extranet?

At this time, MyAllocator does not pass what is called “static content” from your Property Management Software to 3rd party channels. Only Rates and Availability.

You must add fees to your booking.com extranet. Including them in OneRooftop only will not pass them to booking.com.

Part 5: My fees did not get added to my reservation

If you added a fee to Booking.com that isn’t getting represented in OneRooftop, it is likely that you have not added or configured this fee in OneRooftop’s settings.

For this reservation you will need to manually add the fee to make sure you have the correct amount.

See Steps 1 and Steps 2 to make sure future booking.com reservations include the correct fees.