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HomeAway Property Set Up

Data: OneRooftop is the system of record for rates, calendars, listing content, and photos to be sent to HomeAway. Some manually entered listing content may disappear if the equivalent field does not exist in the software (such as detailed bedding/bedroom information and custom amenities).

Contacts: HomeAway is not updating the listing-level contacts through the integration. These must still be edited manually in the HomeAway Dashboard. Any new listings will be assigned to the default contact on the account.

Property Placement/Maps: HomeAway uses the address in your OneRooftop software to place the property in a region on HomeAway. If the address is incomplete, the placement will likely be incorrect. The placement service relies on Google to help us map a property. If Google’s coverage of an area is not good, HomeAway placement could be incorrect. All integrated listings are mapped at a zoom level of street. In order to update property location in OneRooftop, go to Properties > Edit Property > Location.

Language Information and Translations: The information in OneRooftop should be in the same language as the HomeAway site with which you want to connect - for example, English for HomeAway.co.uk or HomeAway. com, Spanish for HomeAway.es, etc. The following fields of your listing are automatically translated to the Partner Sites by Google Translate: Headline, Summary, Description, Local information, Bedroom and Bathroom notes, Facility notes, Unit description, and Rates notes. If you edit your listing text, the changes will be automatically translated within 48 hours.

Rates and Rate Rules: HomeAway will use your OneRooftop software feed to display rates. HomeAway does not perform any rates calculations.

Photos: Only the first 24 photos will feed to HomeAway. The recommended resolution is 1940x1080 pixels and the maximum photo size is 20 MB.

Minimum Content Requirements: To ensure that all listings meet basic quality standards, all new listings feeding over must meet the requirements listed below.

  • Headlines must have at least 20 characters (Property > General > Show Advanced Options)
  • Descriptions must have at least 400 characters
  • Each listing must have at least 6 photos
    • Only the first 24 photos will feed to HomeAway
    • The recommended resolution is 1940 x 1080 pixels, and the maximum photo size is 20 MB
  • Bedroom and bathroom count should be included for each listing
  • An accurate address and latitude/longitude is required for each property (OneRooftop automatically calculates latitude and longitude after you enter an address in Property > Location)
  • Updated calendar and rates information