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Adding/Viewing Tasks

To add or view tasks, click the Housekeeping tab in your OneRooftop admin, proceed to Tasks tab.

If you have multiple properties, this will be the birdseye view of all scheduled tasks, regardless of who they’re assigned to. When your housekeepers log in they will only see tasks assigned to them.

Adding Tasks

If you’ve assigned a housekeeper and instructions to a property, tasks will automatically be added to your housekeeper’s calendar.

You can also create tasks manually. (This works great for work orders!) There are two ways to create tasks manually.

Click on the calendar date when it should be completed.

Click green Add Task button in the upper righthand corner of your OneRooftop admin.

Viewing Tasks

If you have created property assignments for your housekeeper with instructions, you should see green task bars appear on your calendar.

Troubleshooting: If you do not see task bars, it may be you have not assigned your housekeeper to a property yet. See how to assign your housekeeper here.

To see a task, click on the green task bar. A window will pop up.

You will see:

  • Date and Time the task should be completed
  • Property for task
  • Instructions given to housekeeper
  • Completion status (yes or no)
  • Notes from Housekeeper
  • Assigned Housekeeper
  • Housekeeper List (not assigned)

You can exit this pop up by either clicking cancel, delete, or save.