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How to add extra guest fee

Extra guest fees are commonly used in vacation rentals. For example, a property sleeps up to 10, but charges for each additional guest over 6. Follow these steps to set up an extra guest fee.

From your property list, click the pencil icon next to the property you wish to edit

Under the “General” tab, make sure your property sleeps the max number of guests a traveler can choose at checkout.

Next, to to Rates tab and scroll down to Fees > click “Add Fee”

Edit your fee

  • Enter a label, such as “Extra Guest Fee”
  • Choose the type: taxable or non-taxable (taxable is most common)
  • Choose flat or percentage
  • Enter an amount
  • Click “Show Advanced Options”
  • Set as Required (this will only apply to reservations where the guest count exceeds the amount included in the standard rate)
  • Charged by guest: Choose how many are included in the standard rate. Any reservation with a guest count higher than what you select here will incur this fee.
  • Charged per day: Select yes or no
  • Charged by quantity: Important! Leave as no, as you have essentially already done this in the step above (setting a quantity here will result in a fee amount much higher than intended)
  • Do not include in Booking.com reservations. (Learn why here.)
  • Click Add

Your extra guest fee has been created! It should look something like this:

Responsive image