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Add Fees

Through the OneRooftop Admin, you can apply fees and taxes to all of a property’s reservations. You can create multiple fees, like a house cleaning fee or local tax, for your vacation rental business. You can also set whether or not a fee is optional or required.

Log in to the OneRooftop Admin. Go to Properties > Select property to edit > Rates > Fees

Click the green “Add Fee.” button.

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Give your fee a label (such as “Housekeeping Fee.”)

Select the fee type: Tax, Non-Taxable or Taxable.

“Flat or Percent?” You can choose to set a flat fee like $100 or a percentage fee like 10% of the booking.

Set the fee to be optional (examples: pet fee and insurance) or required (examples: local tax or housekeeping).

Will the fee be charged each day of the stay? If so, you can choose “Charged Per Day” in advanced options.

Will the fee be determined by a quantity? You can set the maximum number allowed with the “Charged By Quantity” field in advanced options. Examples: extra beds, bike rentals, pets.


Add your security deposit in the Rental Damage Protection section.

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