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Add Property Details

This is the first step to create and manage your property.

Log in to the OneRooftop Admin. Go to Properties > Select a property to edit by clicking on the green pencil > General

Add a name for your property. This is the title displayed at the top of your property page.


Create a memorable and descriptive name, rather than just a number or address.

Set the status of your property

  • Visible: The property is displayed on your website and can be seen by visitors.
  • Hidden: The property is not displayed on the Properties page of your website.

The property URL is still live and the page may be found via search engines.

  • Inactive: The property is hidden from the Properties page and the property URL is deactivated.

An inactive property is not included in your subscription property total.

Set a custom URL for your property (optional). OneRooftop automatically assigns a number to each property, but you can edit it. For example, you might want to change the URL to the property name.

Enter the phone number assigned to this property. If you manage multiple properties that each have different contacts, use this field for differentiation.


You can add a site-wide phone number that will show up in your website header under Website > General.

Add Property and Listing Type (optional).

Select the number of guests the property can accommodate.

Select the number of bedrooms the property has.

Select the number of bathrooms the property has.

If you have a video of your property, you can upload it to YouTube and paste the URL here. The video will appear on the property page.

Add a description that will be publicly displayed on your property page.

You will see the choice to view advanced options. Advanced settings mean they are not for every user. Please read our help guide on each of these settings before adding or editing content here.