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How to Bulk Update

If you have multiple properties, using the bulk updater allows you to edit certain details for multiple properties at once.

Log in to OneRooftop > Go to Properties

Choose which properties to edit by selecting the box next to each, or select the box next to the Bulk Update button at the top to select all.

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Once your properties are selected click the Bulk Update button.

In the pop-up window, select which field to edit.

Make your edits, then click Update. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to mass update the selected properties. Click Confirm Update, and you’re done!

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Items available to edit in Bulk Update:

General Details

  • Status
  • Phone Number
  • Internal Notes
  • Internal Property Owner Name
  • Internal Property Owner Phone Number
  • Internal Property Owner Email

Booking Details

  • Allow Pets
  • Allow Bookings
  • Require Approval
  • Merchant
  • Enable Inquiries
  • Check-In Time
  • Check-Out Time
  • Currency
  • Rental Agreement
  • Allow Half Days
  • Allow Same-Day Bookings


  • Pre-Arrival Instructions
  • Pre-Arrival Housekeeper
  • Post-Departure Instructions
  • Post-Departure Housekeeper

Custom Tags

Default Tags