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Create New Message Template

You can create customized email notifications that will be sent automatically to your guests after they book, saving you time. You choose specifically when these notifications go out to your guests.

Log in to the OneRooftop Admin. Go to Properties > Messaging.

Click “Add” on the top right.

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You can start from scratch or choose one of our predefined message templates like “Send Payment Reminder,” “Send Pre-Arrival Details” and “Send Thank You.”

Use the drop-down bar (about halfway down the page) to make your selection and click “Load.” You will then see the preloaded content within the “Body” and “Preview” fields.

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You can also edit the message in the “Body” field. You will see this text is in HTML. If you are not familiar with editing HTML, you can use this free online converter.


The “Message Variables” are tags that will be replaced by the actual value in the email. Click the drop-down menu to view the available options.

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When you’re done editing the message, click “Update Preview” to view your changes. You will also see that the message variables have actual values. For example, “%WC_PROPERTY_NAME%” is now replaced with the actual property name, “Two Bedroom Condo Escape.”

Make sure the other fields are filled in correctly.

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  • Name: You can change the name of the message. This if for internal purposes and the guest will not see it.
  • From Address: This defaults to your OneRooftop login email address. You can change this to any valid email address.
  • CC and BCC List: To have this message sent to additional emails addresses, add in these fields, separated by commas.

The guest can see email addresses in the CC field but not the BCC field.

  • Subject: This is the email message subject (visible to guest). In the above message, the subject is “Booking Notification - %WC_PROPERTY_NAME%.” The code is a special OneRooftop variable that is replaced by the actual value when the email is sent.
  • When to Send: Choose when you want the guest to receive this email. Select a time, enter number of days and select “Before Check-in,” “After Check-in,” “Before Check-out” or “After Check-out.” For example, you would use “Before Check-in for a Payment Reminder message and “After Check-out” for a Thank You message.

At the bottom, you have the option to “Save” your changes or “Revert” back to the default.