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Edit Payment Schedule

Split up payments between the time a booking is initiated and when the guest arrives. OneRooftop allows you to customize your payment schedule to work for your business.


A common practice among vacation rental hosts is to take an initial payment of 50% down, then charge the remaining balance 30-45 days before check-in.

OneRooftop Help

Log in to the OneRooftop Admin. Go to Properties > Select property to edit > Rates > Payment Schedule.

OneRooftop Help

Begin setting up your initial payment schedule by clicking the green “Edit” button to the right of the Standard Payment Schedule. This configuration will make up your settings for the first payment.

  • Label: A name for the schedule that is only visible to you.
  • Flat or Percentage: Choose whether the first payment will be a flat amount or a percentage of the booking total.
  • Amount: Enter the amount required.
  • Due On: In the OneRooftop system, “0 Days Before Check-in” is the default and translates to “immediately upon booking”. We recommend this for all first payments.
  • Approval Required: Leave this feature enabled if yoursquo;d like guests to submit their payment and booking request for your approval. To disable means guests can instantly book their reservations, just like booking a hotel.
  • Hide Rate Breakdown: When booking through your site, guests will see a full breakdown of the rental rate, fees, taxes and deposits before paying. If yoursquo;d rather not share this breakdown, select “Yes” on the drop down menu.

If the first payment is less than 100% of the total, you will need to create an additional payment schedule to collect the remaining balance.


Bookings inside of the date that final payments are due will automatically require the full amount be paid upfront.

  • Click the green “Add Payment Schedule” button.
  • Create a label (Example: “Final Payment”).
  • Choose amount: The default is set to 100% of remaining balance, and we recommend leaving as is.
  • Due On: Enter how many days prior to arrival final payments are due. You may also select “After Check-in,” “Before Check-Out” or “After Check-Out.”

Need help reminding guests of upcoming payments? No problem! Set up scheduled messages with payment links.