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Export Calendar

You can also export the OneRooftop calendar data into calendars that support the iCal format.

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Log in to the OneRooftop Admin. Go to Properties > Select property to edit > Calendar

Copy “OneRooftop Calendar Only” link and paste in the iCal import field in Airbnb, VRBO, etc. Admin.

Unavailable dates on your OneRooftop calendar will now be marked as unavailable on your 3rd-party calendar. You will need to check to see how often these companies sync with 3rd-party sources, as each will be different.

You can also choose to make certain reservation variables visible on your 3rd party calendars by clicking the green “iCal Export Settings” button. All variables are marked “hidden” by default, but you can make any of those visible (Examples: Reservation ID, Guest Name, etc).


The selected variables will only be visible for calendar software (iCalendar, Google Calendar, etc., and this information will appear in the event details section. Some, but not all, of these variables might also appear in your VRBO/Homeaway/Airbnb calendar.