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Import HomeAway/VRBO Reviews

Reviews help guests know exactly what to expect when renting a property. Positive reviews will drive more bookings.

If you list your property on VRBO or HomeAway, OneRooftop enables you to easily import reviews from your listing(s).

Log in to the OneRooftop Admin. Go to Properties > Select property to edit > Reviews.

Choose HomeAway or VRBO from the “External Review Source” drop-down menu.

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Enter your Property ID in the “External Review Property ID” field. You can find this by looking at the URL of your listing.

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Click “Sync.”

Once the reviews have been imported, you can view the imported reviews within your OneRooftop Admin, including the title, rating, date submitted, date of stay and source. To make the review live on your website, click “Unpublished” to toggle it to “Published.”

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The reviews will appear on the property page and your guests can easily scroll through them.

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