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Set Standard and Seasonal Rates

Log in to the OneRooftop Admin. Go to Properties > Select property to edit > Rates

Use the list view button at the top right to toggle between viewing your rates on the calendar (default) or as a list.

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Add Rate: Customize rates for specific periods, such as holidays and seasons. These will override your Standard Rate for the designated date ranges. Add as many custom rates as you want!

  • Weekday Rate: Applies to Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night.
  • Weekend Rate: Applies to Friday and Saturday night.
  • Weekly Rate: For any reservation 7 nights or longer, the weekly rate will override your base nightly price. Additional nights will be prorated based on your weekly rate.
  • Monthly Rate: For any reservation 28 nights or longer, the monthly rate will override your base nightly and weekly rates. Additional nights would be a pro-rated.

To change a rate in the calendar view, click on the orange bar to bring up the edit window. You can also add a new rate by clicking on an open date on the calendar.

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Edit Standard Rate: This will be the default rate and is not assigned to any time period.

Edit Advanced Options in your standard rate and custom rate periods.

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  • Don’t Show (only available when editing Standard Rate): Select whether or not the standard rate will be visible on your property page.
  • Closed to Arrivals/Departures (available when editing Custom Rates): Selecting this option requires the entirety of the rate period to be booked. Your start date and end date would need to be the guest’s arrival/departure days.
  • Minimum/Maximum stay: Set the minimum and maximum length of stay for this rate period. Setting to zero will disable this feature.
  • Changeover Days: Select which days check ins and check outs are allowed to occur. Commonly used for Saturday-Saturday rentals. Leave all boxes unchecked if you do not have this requirement.
  • Minimum Stay Through: If a reservation includes a day with a minimum stay through setting, then the length of the reservation must at least meet that minimum.
  • Special Notes (available when editing Standard Rate): Add any other specific information about your rates here. This will show up on your property’s page (location varies based on theme).

Standard Rate

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Custom Rate

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