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Adjust Fees and Tax

OneRooftop allows you to set up default taxes and fees for your properties, however, you have complete control in customizing pricing within individual reservations.

On your reservation page, click the Rates & Fees tab at the top.

Scroll down to the section you wish to edit (Taxable Fees, Taxes or Non-taxable Fees).

To add a brand new fee or tax, click “Add.”

  • Enter a label.
  • Choose whether you want the fee or tax to be a Flat or Percentage amount.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Click “Show Advanced Options” to select whether the tax or fee is Optional/Required, Charged Per Day, Charged By Guest or Charged By Quantity.

To edit an existing fee or tax, click the dollar amount in green and follow the same steps as above.

Once you have populated the window, click the green “Add” button.