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Adjust Rates

OneRooftop makes it easy to make custom pricing changes to an individual reservation.

On your reservation page, click the Rates & Fees tab at the top. You will find the rates you set up for the property on the right side (i.e. $4000 x 1 week). To adjust this rate, click on the green amount on the right.

A window will pop up containing the rate label and amount. Adjust the amount to the desired rate and edit the label here. When completed, click Save. You can also delete the rate from this window.

The Subtotal for Accommodations will adjust automatically.

Click “Add” to create additional rates or a discount.

To restore the reservation to the property’s default rates, click the three dots next to “Add” and select “Reload from Property.” A window will pop up asking you to confirm.

To copy the quote, click the three dots next to “Add” and select “Copy Quote.”