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Edit General Details

The general tab of a reservation is where you can make adjustments to the reservation details (dates, status, number of guests, etc.). It is also where you can enter your guest’s name, contact details, and more. The changes you make here will affect this reservation only, allowing you to fully customize each reservation.

Adding your guest’s information to a reservation allows many marketing automation tools to run smoothly. If a guest inquires, requests to book, or instant books a vacation rental on your website, the guest’s info automatically populates. If you manually add a reservation you can add the guest’s info.

Go to Edit Reservation > General

Click “Edit” in the section you wish to make changes.

Reservation Info:

These are all the details you input when manually adding the reservation (Property, Dates, Status, Source, Guests). You can edit any of these details, as well as see the Reservation ID and the date it was created.

Guest Info:

This is where you can add the guest’s name, phone number, address and more. If this is a returning guest, you can search their name in the “Existing Guests” field at the top, and the form will auto fill with their information.


Guest Special Requests: Comments or questions from the guest will appear in this box. They have the option of submitting requests on the booking page.


You cannot make changes to this field.

Your Public Notes: Anything you type in this box will be visible to your guest and is visible on their booking receipt.

Your Private Notes: Anything you type in this box will not be visible to your guest and is meant for your internal records.

Rental Agreement:

The default rental agreement for this property will appear in this box. Click edit to make any custom changes for a specific reservation. To learn how to add a default rental agreement, click here.

Coverage Policies:

If damage protection is enabled for this property, you can view and add the policy purchased on the reservation here.

Scheduled Messages:

If you have scheduled messages enabled for this property, they will appear here. You can re-schedule when the message is to be sent, send it immediately, or delete. To learn more about adding custom message templates, click here.

Custom Reservation Fields:

If you have added these in your property settings, that information will show up here.

Uploaded Files:

Add PDF files here for your internal use (Example: copy of guest’s drivers license).