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Edit Payment Schedule

Easily split up payments between the time a guest books and when the guest actually checks in. All reservations will default to the payment schedule you have set in the property settings. If needed, you can adjust your payment schedule for a specific reservation.

Log into the reservation you wish to edit. Click the Rates & Fees tab.

Scroll down to the Payment Schedule section. The property’s default payment schedule will appear here if you already have it set.

To make changes, click on the green amount to the right. A window will pop up allowing you to edit the label, whether or not approval is required, if it’s a flat or percent amount, the value, when it’s due, etc.

Click “Save” to confirm your changes or “Close” to cancel.

To add an additional payment schedule, click “Add” and fill in the pop-up form.


Percentages are always the percent of the remaining balance. If the first payment is less than 100% of the total, you will need to create an additional payment schedule to collect the remaining balance.


To set up scheduled payment reminder messages, check out our help doc here.