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Generate Receipt

OneRooftop allows you to create booking receipts for your guests’ records. Receipts include all pertinent reservation information, including, guest info, dates, rate breakdown, amount paid, balance due and a copy of the rental agreement.

If a guest books through your website or a payment link, a receipt will automatically be generated and included in the booking confirmation to the guest. To manually create a new receipt, follow these steps:

With a reservation open, click the Rates & Fees tab.

Scroll to the very bottom to the Receipts section.

Add a label and click “Generate” to add a new receipt.

Click “Info” to copy the PDF link or view the receipt.


New receipts will reflect the current balance and information on the reservation. For example, if you add a guest’s contact information or adjust pricing after generating a receipt, it will not reflect those changes. You can generate as many receipts as needed.


Add your logo to receipts to maintain your branding across all points of contact. Find out more here.