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Take payment

If there are no changes that need to be made to the reservation, then you’re ready to take a payment for your vacation rental. Be sure that you have signed up for a Stripe account and connected it to your property.

Whether you use OneRooftop on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet, you can manage all aspects of your reservations, including taking payment.

OneRooftop lets you take payments in three different ways.

Accept Pending Payment

When your property is set up to require booking approval, you must choose whether to accept or decline reservation requests. To change this setting, go to Property > Rates > Payment Schedule.

After a guest submits payment information for booking one of your properties, their reservation status will appear as “Pending Approval” in your Admin.

Go to Reservations on the left-hand navigation and click the pencil next to the pending reservation.

The top section will show the amount pending.

  • Click “Accept” to move forward with the reservation. This will change the reservation status to “Booked” and process the guest’s credit card for the amount shown.
  • Click “Decline” to turn down the reservation request. The guest’s credit card will not be charged.

The guest will receive an email notifying them if the request was successful or declined.


The amount that is pending is the amount the guest agreed to pay when signing your rental agreement. If you add a discount or additional payments, this will not affect the amount pending. If you adjust the reservation, you will need to decline the payment and send back an updated invoice.

Add Credit Card Manually

Use this payment option for taking a credit card over the phone.

Open the reservation you wish to add payment to.

Click the green “Actions” button and select “Take Payment.”

Select “New Card” from the Payment Method drop-down menu

Fill in the required fields and click “Charge Card.”


The reservation status must be “Booked” in order to charge a new credit card.


Occasionally, a credit card is unable to process and will appear as “DECLINED” in red. Usually this is due to insufficient funds, or the bank does not recognize the processor. In this case, the guest will need to contact their bank or credit card company to clear the charge, and you can try running the card again.

Mark Outside Payment

If you have taken payment for a reservation outside of OneRooftop (VRBO, PayPal, personal check, etc.), you can take note of this in the reservation.

Click the “Actions” button and select “Take Payment.”

Choose “Mark Outside Payment” from the drop-down menu.

Enter the amount (Do not use currency symbol or comma in space provided).

Make a note (Example: Payment source).

Click “Mark” to add credit to the reservation. A receipt is generated by default, but you can select “No” if you do not want a receipt.


The reservation status must be “Booked” in order to add credit.


You can delete manual credit on the Rates & Fees tab. Scroll down to the Payments section, click on the green amount to the right and click “Delete.”