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How to add a hyperlink

Have you wanted to link to another page from inside your property’s description? How about from your page for Local Attractions?

Are you asking, what in the world is a hyperlink? Did the support team just email you about a “WYSIWYG”? (We agree. It’s a weird word.)

Websites are complicated. But consider this your one stop shop for learning how links work.

2 Ways to Create a Hyperlink

A hyperlink is when you see text on a web page that can be clicked — because it is actually a link to a new page!

There are two ways to create a link on your page. First you need to ask yourself what your text editor looks like.

Do you see a toolbar?

This is text editor is called a WYSIWYG (Wizzy Wig). If you highlight a piece of text, you can click the button that looks like a chain link.

Click this button and add the URL you want to link to in the field provided that says URL.

There is also a keyboard shortcut. You can hold down ctrl + k (cmd + k on Mac). You can then add a URL.

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How to manually add a hyperlink using html

If you are adding a hyperlink to your property’s description, there is no wyziwyg. To add one, you will need to add a little html tag around the link and the text you wish to guests to click.

Not a coder? Me neither. You can follow this model:

<a href="ADD URL BETWEEN QUOTE MARKS">Clickable Text</a>

  • Feel free to copy this whole piece of code and paste into your property description.
  • Swap out the text between quote marks with the URL you want to link to.
  • Where it says Clickable Text, delete this. Make the text say whatever you’d like.
    • Sometimes it’s good to make that clickable text say “Click Here” or some other call to action.
    • You can also make it clickable in a text.


Want to learn more? Check out the w3schools for awesome html tips and tricks.

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