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Introduction to Menu

Visitors to your vacation rental website are able to navigate all areas of your site using the main menu, which is usually located near the top of your site, depending on which theme you’re using.

Your main menu comes with default links: “Home,” “Property,” “About Us” and “FAQs.” However, the navigation menu view on your website is customizable, allowing you to add/remove links and create submenus.


Every time you create a new page, you must add it to your menu to make it visible on your website.




Delete a menu item by clicking the red Remove button.


Hide a menu item by clicking the green Visible button.

Add Sub-Menu:

A sub-menu is a secondary menu that appears when you move the cursor over an item in the menu.

Remove Sub-Menu:

Remove a sub-menu by clicking this button.

Re-order Menu:

Simply drag and drop the menu items to change their order (top to bottom = left to right).

Select which page to add:

Use this drop-down menu to choose from a list of your pages to add to your menu.