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Search Engine Optimization


Page Title:

This provides summarized information about your website. Besides that, the title is what appears on search engines result page (SERP). The content of the title tag is used by the search engines as one of the main factors in determining what your page is all about. It is like a trailer for a movie. 70 characters is the maximum number of characters most search engines will display.

Meta Description:

The brief bit of text that shows up on a search engine like Google after your title tag. The meta description should be well written, as a good description will entice people to click on it.


Meta descriptions should only be about 150 characters.

Meta Keywords:

These are the keywords that search engines will associate with your website. Separate your keywords and phrases with commas.

Google Analytics ID:

We recommend setting up an account with Google Analytics to track your website traffic.

Sign up here (it’s free!).

Your Google Analytics ID is in the format UA-xxxx-xx. The name can be found in the middle of the javascript.

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