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Get your Website Ready for Auto Booking

Once your merchant account is approved, follow these steps and start accepting credit cards through your website.

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Log in your OneRooftop account, go to Properties > Select a property to edit by clicking on the green pencil

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Go to Rates

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STEP 1—Add your Rates, Fees and Minimum Stays

Standard Rates:

We use this to fill in any dates where you have not specified a seasonal rate.

A Standard Weekday Rate is required. You can choose to “Don’t Show Guest” these standard rates.
Set up Standard Rates

Seasonal Rates:

Click “Add Rate” to set rate based on specific dates.

Set rates based on specific dates

Add taxes and fees. (Scroll down to Fees)

Taxes and fees allow you to very clearly define any additional charges to guests. You can set the fees as optional (example: pet fee) or required fees (example: local tax or cleaning fee). Plus, create a fee based on a specific quantity (example: bike rentals).

add fee

STEP 2—Set your Booking Collection Details

Enable Auto-Booking

On the same property edit rate page, scroll down to the bottom “Booking Collection” section and click edit.

Select your merchant

Select your merchant from the dropdown. If you have not set one up yet, learn more here.

Authorize or collect funds

You have an option to choose to authorize only payments when a guest is booking (rather than collecting at the time of booking). Once the guest completes the booking, the guest will receive a confirmation email. You will then be responsible for collecting the payment at a later date.

Flat or Percentage

Set the amount that you want to collect at the time of booking. You can choose to collect a flat fee like $100 or a percentage like 50%. (Go to Properties > Edit Property > Rates)

STEP 3—Write your Payment Policy and Cancellation Policy

Website > General > Invoicing

Keep in mind that we’ll use your customized agreement for all reservation requests and bookings, so be careful not to use specific names and terms (for example: Use “Guest” instead of your guest’s name). Your guests will see these details during the booking process, prior to when they submit payment.

STEP 4—Set up your Automated Messages to Guests

Properties > Edit Property > Messaging

Save time by automating messages to your guests. We have already set up and enabled inquiry and booking notifications, and you can customize the content. Create your own message like “Pre-Arrival Details” and a “Thank you for Staying” message. You set when the message goes out and customize the content.

STEP 5—Test!

We recommend making a test booking to ensure the funds flow properly to the merchant of choice.

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