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Pricing FAQs

Will OneRooftop charge me extra for certain features?

No. OneRooftop believes an all-in-one platform should really include everything. Your monthly, annual, or biennial subscription covers every feature you see in the platform.

My business is growing. How do I upgrade my plan?

Go ahead and add your properties. Your plan will be updated accordingly. You can also email or call OneRooftop support directly.

Why can’t I take payments on my free trial?

To ensure the safety of travelers, OneRooftop requires that you sign up for an account before taking credit cards online.

What happens if I cancel?

There is no contract and no cancellation fee. For annual and biennial subscriptions, you will be prorated the remainder of your hosting subscription.

How much does it cost for one-off design changes?

OneRooftop has an in-house design team to help with your website’s look, both big and small. The hourly rate for smaller design changes is $75 per hour.

Is there an additional monthly fee to use Stripe as my merchant?

No. Stripe is free to sign up. In fact, OneRooftop brings you a discounted processing fee of 2.5% + 30 cents for Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards.

I have over 100 properties. How much will this cost me?

Contact OneRooftop to see how we can best accommodate your business.

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